Q. Why do you charge a fee for your programs?
A. PIP charges a minimal program fee for its PIPsqueaks Groups. All Newborn PIPsqueaks Groups are $150 for the 10 weeks, and the Baby PIPsqueaks Groups are $100 for 8 weeks. (This is per family, including spouses/partners who may wish to attend as well.) PIP is a non-profit organization that depends on a mix of fees and contributions. Fees cover part of the cost of programs, with the balance underwritten through the generosity of past participants and others who believe in what we do. In order to continue to provide quality programming, we must charge a fee for our groups. Please click here to read more about why we charge a program fee. 

Q. What if I am unable to pay the program fee, but would like to join a group?
No one is denied placement due to inability to pay; partial or full scholarships are available for qualifying families, thanks to our generous donors. Read more... 

Q. When do the groups meet?
Newborn PIPsqueaks Groups meet once a week for 10 weeks. Baby PIPsqueaks Groups meet once a week for 8 weeks. We currently offer the choice between a daytime or an evening group, however we encourage group members to meet outside of the formal discussion sessions as well (for play dates, walks at the park, etc...). Daytime groups are typically attended by the primary caregivers (usually the mothers) and their babies. Evening groups are a good option for couples who would like to attend together, but each group varies in participation. For current daytime and evening openings, please visit the signup page

Q. Is there a PIPsqueaks Group in my neighborhood?
All open groups are listed on the signup page. PIP places families together based on their location in Austin as well as their child's age. Group locations depend greatly on registration volume. We will always do our best to accommodate every family who signs up, no matter what neighborhood. Please email info@pipaustin.org for information on upcoming groups. 

Q. Where do the PIPsqueaks Group meetings take place?
All neighborhood-based group meetings take place in the group members' homes. The first meeting will be held in your facilitator's home. A signup sheet will be presented to the group at this time so that everyone has a chance to sign up to host one or more of the remaining sessions. We encourage all members to offer their homes, even if you believe it's a little too small. The cozier, the better! If you have a significant hindrance in hosting a group in your home, please contact your facilitator in order to make arrangements to contribute to your new village in another way. If you sign up for a group at one of our partners, the group will take place on site at their place of business.

Q: Are your groups for second (or third) time parents? 

A: Our newborn groups are primarily for new parents. Second (or third) time parents are welcome to join as long as they understand the discussions are geared towards first time parents. We find that often second time parents are challenged by toddler issues and those aren’t addressed in our newborn groups. PIP is running some pilot Second Time Around groups and hope to officially launch that program soon!

Q. Where does PIP get its funding?
PIP is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We receive funding through donations from the community, our annual fundraiser(s), grants, sponsorships, and program fees.

Q. How can I help spread the word about your invaluable programming?
Thanks for asking!!! We have found that word of mouth has been one of the most effective marketing tools thus far and encourage you to 'Like' us on Facebook and share our website with your friends. Nextdoor.com is another great way to spread the word - simply post about your experience with PIP to all your neighbors. Please contact us if you would also like to place a yard sign in front of your house.

Still have questions? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to send us an email at info@pipaustin.org and we will get back to you right away!