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Neighborhood-based Groups

Our neighborhood based Newborn and Second Time Around PIPsqueak groups are hosted in the homes of the participants. Families are matched based on where they live and group meetings are rotate between members' homes. If you are expecting or you have a baby that is 4 months or younger sign up for the Newborn group below. If your baby is older than four months the Baby PIPsqueak group is for you. Our baby groups include families from all over town and meet at a central location.

Before you register, read tips on how to choose the best Group based on baby's age, timing and selecting the correct neighborhood. Or click-to-chat at the bottom-right of the website at any time!

Newborn PIPsqueaks

For families with babies between 2 and 16 weeks old when the group starts. If you are an expecting family, sign up for our Newborn group! 

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Baby pipSqueaks

For families with babies between
4 and 10 months old when the group starts.

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Second Time Around

A pilot program for moms who are expecting or who have their second baby. 

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