Partners in Parenting selected as Philanthropitch finalist!

The seven nonprofits competing for donations this year range from children’s groups to criminal justice reform organizations.

One of them, Partners in Parenting (PIP), aims to double the number of families it serves by next year and sees Philanthropitch as an “enormous opportunity to get our message out,” said Jessica Burleson, the group’s executive director. “We are small, but mighty, and we have been growing exponentially… We’re ready to scale.”

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May 2019 update - Partners in Parenting was awarded $4,496 on May 7th. Watch our PIP Pitch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STFqJEaXYKw&feature=youtu.be&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=Web&utm_campaign=finalist_share

It went by so fast - and we enjoyed every minute!

To Our Village:

2016 meant a lot of things. To us, it meant 80 parents; 42 babies; 9 PIPsqueaks Groups; 1 PIPnic... and 80 new friends. A wonderful year for PIP!

We are a small organization with a big mission -- help families just like yours build their village. 2017 is going to be an incredible year for us, too, and you, our PIP families and friends, are our most incredible supporters. This is our year to grow so we can continue to serve Austin families and all of those sweet babies you keep bringing into the world.

We are full of energy and have big plans this year. We have several new board members including PIP alumnae who are passionate about making PIP available to more families in Austin. Many of you already know our new Program Assistant, who is a PIP alumna and volunteer. We are also searching for a new Executive Director as I'm looking forward to shifting into a Program Director role.

Big plans come with big goals - like tripling how many families we serve this year - and I know this group will achieve them!

Austin is a place where we come together and support each other across all our differences. As we work together to make the world a better place, there's no better place to start than with our own local new parents and babies.

Please join us on Facebook and Instagram as we keep sharing the love. We'd love to hear from you! Thank you for your support and engagement. We are grateful!


Rachel Ladov, LCSW | Executive Director
Partners in Parenting
512.203.5144 | rachel@pipaustin.org

We have a few big things coming up this year and we need your help!


Our city's annual community-wide day of online giving, organized by I Live Here I Give Here, is March 2nd! Last year more than 600 local non-profits raised $8.5 million in a 24-hour period. You can support us with donations online, in-person (cocktail party, anyone?!), or by sharing who we are with your friends. Our goal is to raise $14,000 during this year's 24-hour fundraising event, and your donation will go twice as far because our Board of Directors is matching ALL donations until we reach our goal!


...Said no parent, ever! But can you ever have enough? We would love to share photos from your PIPsqueaks Group, meet-ups with your PIP friends, or of your #PIPStrong family! Post them to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram, and we will enter you into a raffle for that massage your friend keeps telling you to get and that you KNOW you deserve!


So many PIP families join us because they hear about the PIP experience through a friend. We're here for your neighbor, co-worker, sister, the lady struggling to push a new stroller down the sidewalk and walk a dog at the same time, the obviously-new-parents in the coffee shop with their little ones, and the excited pregnant woman in the baby aisle at HEB. Please tell them about us and send them on over to: www.pipaustin.org.


Your questions, challenges, joys, tears, and hilarious baby moments don't just end after your 12-week PIPsqueaks program. We invite you to join our NEW PIP Alumni Facebook Group, exclusively for alumni, so we can continue our parenthood journeys together. This is a more intimate online community where you can ask questions, share local events or resources, and of course stay in touch with PIP! Alumni, come join us!

How PIP Began: A Founder's Story

I’m pretty sure my high school English teacher advised me to start my papers with self deprecation, so here it goes:  I’m not a great writer.  I try to be a good mom, but it doesn’t always work.  In an effort to be a good mom, I sometimes forget how to be a good partner.  Our house is marginally clean some of the time, and daily victories are getting healthy food in my children’s bellies.  Raise your hand if you can relate. 

Rewind ten years.  I knew I wanted to be a mom.  Actually, rewind 30 years and I knew I wanted to be a mom…someday.  I didn’t really know what that entailed, but knew my life wouldn’t be complete without it.  How hard could it be?  I taught 25 eight year olds every day for 13 years.  It couldn’t be harder than that.  So, after falling in love (check), getting married (check), traveling the world (check), completing degrees and certifications (check), we were finally ready for the next step.  I was in my late 30’s and supremely confident that I had figured out my life thus far, so I would figure out how to parent as well.                                     

Traveling...just the two of us

I started my pregnancy journey in a Bradley class that taught unmedicated childbirth methods.  There, I not only learned how to calmly breathe my way through contractions (ha!), but I connected with other soon-to-be new parents.  Krista Miller, a Bradley participant and PIP co-founder, suggested that we get together outside of class.  We were all due in March, so we, along with other moms we met, formed the March Moms group.  We met once before our babies were born, and then again when our babies were about 6 weeks old. 

Now, I’m a sociable enough person on the outside, but a true introvert on the inside.  Prior to having my beautiful daughter, Maizy, I didn’t think I’d need much help.  I tend to do most things by myself, and I prefer it that way.  During the first March Moms get together after the babies joined us, I quickly came to understand how much I would rely on these women.  We began by sharing our birth stories.  There was laughter and tears and supreme understanding.  The bonding came easily because all of us had just experienced a life-altering event. 

March Mamas!

To say that being a new mother was effortless and easy…well, I’m no comedian, but that would be funny.  My identity as a person changed.  My priorities changed.  My relationship with my husband changed.  My body changed.  Navigating these changes alone was just too isolating.  I needed to know that what I was doing and what I was feeling was normal.  I craved advice on how to overcome challenges, and cheerleaders to revel in the joys of parenting.  I found that in the group of mamas who continue to be my dear friends today.  We have been together through almost 5 years of parental bliss, have celebrated the births of second (and third) children, enjoyed moms’ nights out, play dates, family pool parties, and holidays together. 

One fall day, Krista and I got together for a play date, and she asked, “What if we can create groups for all new Austin parents?”  If you know me at all, you’ll know that my type A personality is hard to locate.  But, I’m a great dreamer.  So, Krista and I decided that we should try to provide neighborhood based peer support groups for new parents.  We reached out to a Seattle nonprofit, PEPS (www.peps.org), who has been doing this exact thing for 30 years.  We were hoping they would support our endeavor, and while they couldn’t provide the infrastructure for a branch, they gave us their support in numerous other ways.  I don’t want to bore you with the details, so we will flash forward a year, and Krista and I had formed Partners in Parenting (www.pipaustin.org), which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping new parents with their transition into parenthood. 

Krista and I began as a two-woman team.  Together, we facilitated groups, created marketing materials and a website, built an active Board of Directors, recruited dedicated volunteers & guest speakers, and tried to spread the word.  Now in our third year, we have seen the success of many Newborn and Baby PIPsqueaks groups, hired Rachel Ladov, an amazing Executive Director, and generally found ourselves a part of Austin’s vibrant birth community. 

I’m grateful.  I just had my second child at the beginning of the year(a little boy named Miller).  Maizy is a super spunky and imaginative four year old.  I still have my March Moms group with whom I can share my parenting journey, and many other Austin families are experiencing the joys of their own PIP groups.   Through this venture, I have not only found my village here in Austin, but have surrounded myself with caring, thoughtful, and positive people.  My March Moms group has become a foundation in my life. I truly hope we can help other new parents find a community of support with our PIPsqueaks groups. If you or someone you know is becoming a new parent, we hope you will join a PIPsqueaks group

Carolyn Opps is a PIP co-founder, mother of two, and can often be found on the Ladybird Lake trail in Austin, TX.

Carolyn Opps is a PIP co-founder, mother of two, and can often be found on the Ladybird Lake trail in Austin, TX.

Partners in the Austin-American Statesman 2016

One of the biggest challenges for PIP has been trying to get new parents to realize they will need this level of support. “You can’t tell an expecting parent, ‘It’s going to be rough,’” Opps says. “We have to be able to say, ‘It will benefit you.’”

“They don’t realize how isolating it can be,” Ladov says.

Read full article here.

Mom's Night Out - August 10th, 2016

Treat yourself to a much-deserved night out... and support PIP while you do!

Join the Austin Moms Network (AMN) for Austin Moms' Night Out: Bad Moms - The Movie at Alamo Drafthouse to benefit the work of Partners in Parenting.

Wednesday, August 10th at 7pm

Showing at two different locations (North and South), tickets include admission to the movie, a food voucher, and a contribution to PIP! More information can be found by clicking on your preferred location, below.

Be sure to invite all your friends a make it a true Moms' Night Out! It's a perfect chance to get your PIP Group together for a reunion, or connect with a mama out there who needs to put her feet up and let her hair down. 

FOR MORE INFO or to purchase TICKETS:

We can't wait to see you there!