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Partners in Parenting selected as Philanthropitch finalist!

The seven nonprofits competing for donations this year range from children’s groups to criminal justice reform organizations.

One of them, Partners in Parenting (PIP), aims to double the number of families it serves by next year and sees Philanthropitch as an “enormous opportunity to get our message out,” said Jessica Burleson, the group’s executive director. “We are small, but mighty, and we have been growing exponentially… We’re ready to scale.”

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May 2019 update - Partners in Parenting was awarded $4,496 on May 7th. Watch our PIP Pitch here:

Partners in the Austin-American Statesman 2016

One of the biggest challenges for PIP has been trying to get new parents to realize they will need this level of support. “You can’t tell an expecting parent, ‘It’s going to be rough,’” Opps says. “We have to be able to say, ‘It will benefit you.’”

“They don’t realize how isolating it can be,” Ladov says.

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