PIP Dad's Night Out w/ Guest Speaker Michael Kelley, MBA, LMFT

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT

LOCATION: NXNW Restaurant & Brewery 

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We know that Dad's work hard and we think you need a night out with other dads! To talk about dad stuff, make dad jokes and enjoy an adult meal in peace with other guys who get it. Join us for Partners in Parenting's (PIP) inaugural Dad's Night Out! Our guest speaker, Michael Kelly, will give a presentation and lead a discussion around... dad stuff.

I’m a Dad, Now What? With Guest Speaker: Michael Kelley, MBA, LMFT

For fathers ‘parenthood’ means different things—cultural, professional, emotional—than it does for mothers. Fathers have a different kind of connection to their children than moms, as well as different roles and responsibilities, so how does that come to be? There are basic biological differences at play and there are also important variables that fathers introduce into the family milieu that distinguishes his essential part in nurturing a balanced child that emerges ready for action. In this presentation, we will look at some of the neurobiology that makes men different, turns them into dads, and influences positive child development. We will also discuss what it takes to be a successful father and what to expect on the adventure of fatherhood.

Michael Kelley, MBA, LMFT has been counseling adolescent and adult males in individual, family, and couples therapy for the past 12 years with a focus on self-awareness, living on mission, and creating secure-functioning relationships. As a husband, father, and professional, Michael does his best every day to operate from a mindset of clarity and purpose to help propel him forward and support a life that is grounded in reality, filled with gratitude, and in service to family, friends, and community.