"My PIPsqueaks Group was my primary support system during those first few months. It was all so foreign, and it was nice to know I wasn't alone." 
- Andrea, PIP Alumna

You are a new parent with a million questions and a lot of love. You are experiencing some of the most rewarding and most challenging moments of your life. You are overcome with joy one minute and worry the next.

You are not alone.

PIPsqueaks Groups are for any new parents to attend with their babies. At each weekly meeting, the families in the Groups share their highs and lows, process the experience of becoming new parents, and learn tips and resources through weekly topic discussions and guest speakers.  Our goal is to provide a welcoming and non-judgmental space where families become a support network for each other.  Our neighborhood  groups  usually meet in the homes of groups members.  Our community-based groups meet on site at one of our community partner locations. They meet during the day with one parent attending or in the evening with one or both parents. Each meeting includes time to focus on the babies' development and a break time for informal socializing and connecting with other parents. 

More about how PIP works:

  • One or both parents are welcome to attend

  • We invite group members to rotate hosting responsibilities after the first meeting. This means each group member will host once or twice during the program. No deep cleaning required and we do have options if group members aren’t able to host. Hosting is not a requirement.

  • This 10 week program requires a one-time program fee of $169 at the time of registration. The 8 week program requires a one-time program fee of $149 at the time of registration. Please review the program fee info and options below.

  • If you need more information before signing up, please use the chat functionality at the bottom right. Be sure to leave us your email and someone from our staff will reach out shortly.

Program Fee Info & Options

Partners in Parenting is a local non-profit organization and serves all families in Austin.

The one-time program fee of $169/$149 supports the cost of materials and program coordination. We do not want cost to prevent families from joining our growing village of support so we offer several scholarship options and ways you can support our community.

If you feel you can not afford the program fee, please select the half scholarship fee or the full scholarship fee from the drop down menu for the group you wish to attend. If you choose one of the scholarship options, the registration system will prompt you to provide a few pieces of additional information.

If you would like to support new parents in building their villages through our scholarship program, please select the Sponsor a Family + Program Fee. Your donation of $75 will enable us to offer a PipSqueaks spot to a family who would not otherwise be able to join. A $25 donation will help provide diapers for families in our Community Based program. When parents have a strong village of support, children and our communities thrive!

Thank you for your donation.

Please read the Release of Liability HERE.  

Check out our PIPsqueaks Group FAQ or email info@pipaustin.org.