Our Mission

Building a village for all new parents.

Partners in Parenting (PIP) supports all of Austin’s new parents so they are confident, connected, and have the tools to reach their full potential.


About us

Partners in Parenting (PIP) improves the well-being of Austin’s new parents so they are confident, connected, and have the tools to blossom into their full potential. Our proven approach connects parents of babies with peers, trained facilitators, and experts so they can share the joy and weather the storms of new parenthood together. PIP believes that we build the foundation for healthy families by supporting parents in this early phase of parenthood. By helping Austin’s parents thrive, we help our entire community thrive.

{Each week} we were able to take a minute to take a step back and absorb what was happening in our lives - which almost never happens in the newborn fog and is incredibly necessary!
— Hayley, PIP Alumna

The Power of Peer Support

Partners in Parenting is proud to be part of The PEPS Network, an extension of the highly successful programs at The Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS). PEPS has become well-known for parent support groups in Seattle that help new parents gain confidence and competence in their parenting skills. Their unique combination of practical information and non-judgmental support has been successful for over 30 years. By carefully adapting the PEPS model to fit the needs of the Austin community, PIP is now being praised for:

  • Peer Facilitators. Trained volunteer leaders foster a comfortable, informative atmosphere that encourages peer interaction and builds trust among new friends.

  • Supporting Family Wellness. PIP is focused on family wellness and implements its programs based on the Strengthening Families™ approach.

  • Reducing isolation. Meeting in each other's homes creates a network of neighborhood-based parenting resources, building new friendships and reducing isolation.

  • Proactive problem solving. PIP meetings are structured yet informal, providing solid parent education while encouraging new families to learn from each other, share experiences and ask frank questions.

  • Beyond family and friends. PIP is a welcoming community offering timely support and information when new moms and dads are eager to find local parenting resources. Even parents with a strong local family network find PIP adds valuable support.

  • Accessible to all. Financial assistance is available to ensure that every family has the opportunity to participate in a PIP parent support group. Our community-based groups are free of charge. Some community-based groups are led in Spanish by bilingual facilitators.

  • PIP is fun! Exchanging stories, laughing and learning with other new dads and moms is often the highlight of a parent's week. Families look forward to connecting, getting out with their babies and making new friends.

What We've Achieved

  • After completing their PIPsqueaks Group, 96% of alumni report that they have a community of people who can support and advise them.

  • 96% of alumni say they now have people nearby who would help in an emergency.

  • Since it was launched in 2014, PIP has served over 800 people through PIPsqueaks Groups.

  • PIP is proud to be partnered with leading businesses and organizations across Austin to increase our impact.

  • A network of postpartum professionals eager to give back as guest speakers, sponsors, and more.