Partners in Parenting Guest Speaker Policy

If accepted as a PIP guest speaker, I agree to the following and understand that any violation of this agreement may result in termination as a speaker. I also understand that signing this agreement does not guarantee that I will be accepted as a speaker with PIP.

1. I agree that I will not receive any remuneration for speaking at PIP groups nor any other direct benefits.

2. I agree not to promote or sell products or charge for services. I understand that I may leave topic information, biographical information or business cards at PIP meetings. I understand that I may also collect contact information for my email/mailing list as long as it is done in a way where no one feels obligated to sign up.

3. I understand and agree that parents may inquire about purchasing supplies I may use in my discussion. If asked directly, I can make them available but must suggest at least one other resource where items may be purchased.

4. I understand that PIP asks its leaders to give speakers at least two weeks’ notice when requesting a guest speaker for a group. I also understand that PIP cannot predict how often I may be asked to speak. It is up to my discretion whether to accept a request to speak; however, if I frequently turn down requests, I will contact PIP to update my availability on the speakers list.

5. I agree to return speaker request phone calls within 4 business days. I understand that multiple failures to respond to requests and/or multiple cancellations of speaking engagements may result in my being removed from the speakers list.

6. I understand that group leaders are asked to evaluate the speakers who attend their groups, and that unsatisfactory evaluations can lead to removal from the speakers list.

7. I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner when I attend PIP groups meetings and project a positive view of PIP in the community.