Bring on the experts!

PIPsqueaks Groups are not just a time for families to bond - it's a time for them to learn together as well! PIP keeps a running list of Guest Speakers, generous individuals who volunteer their time and talents by visiting our PIPsqueaks Groups to talk about their unique area of expertise with our parents. PIPsqueaks Groups are greatly enhanced by these professionals' gifts, and we are so grateful to them for their contribution.

Guest Speakers


Bethany Allen | Dream On, Babies

Lori Strong  |  Strong Little Sleepers

Vanessa Vance | Parent Heroes


Child development

Allison Coleman | Austin Baby Guru

Carolyn Mehlomakulu, LMFT-S, ATR | Therapy With Carolyn

Eliza Parker | Conscious Baby

Tanja Knutson | ParentAbility

Emily Cohen | Tandem Speech Therapy

Lori Post | Uplift Babywearing

Maddie | Babywearing International

Tina Cavanaugh  |  Baby Signs by Tina C

Adia Dawn | Adia Dawn


Emotional changes, self care, and partnership

Allison Burch | Bringing Baby Home Educator

Kelli Foulkrod, MS, RYT | Psychology Center of Austin

Kristen Lucas | Kristen Lucas Postpartum Doula

Judith Reyes, LCSW | Judith Reyes

Carrie Harper | Carrie Fit


Food and Feeding

Victoria Rawls | Windsor House Nannies and Toddler Feeding Expert

Misti Buie | Balanced Foodies

Cheryl Carey  |  Taste & See Healthy Baby Food

Victoria Rawls | Windsor House Nannies

Audrey Standlee | Pumping for Working Moms



Baby and Child Health

Arden Yingling | Songbird Acupuncture

Melanie Wattles | Baby Strokes

Mindy Graber | Babies Blooming

Regan De Marines | Fit Living With Regan

Lizzie Martinez, MA, DHOM, MHom, CCH | Lizzie Martinez

Jennifer Wible | Gentle Mama Birthing

Dr. Carolyn Zuiker, PT, DPT | Boost Babies



Rebecca Cole | Nurture My Child